Gift Acceptance Policy

The Sir James Henderson British School of Milan Gift Acceptance Policy

The Sir James Henderson British School of Milan is a registered not-for-profit Association that receives gifts and manages funds to support the interests of The British School of Milan, including facility and programme development and the funding of scholarships. Our organisation uses transparent and ethical processes for the acceptance of gifts, for the protection of the interests of donors and the School.

This policy informs donors, Association members and the BSM Development Office staff about the framework used by the School to govern acceptance of gifts.

Reference to the ‘School’ in this policy includes reference to Board members, BSM Development Office staff and any other person who is authorised to solicit or accept gifts on behalf of the Sir James Henderson British School of Milan. Reference to ‘gifts’ in this policy includes gifts of cash, real property, valuable items and gifts made in wills.

Gift Acceptance

  • The School will welcome, appreciate and respect the interests of individuals and corporations seeking to make a gift to the School.
  • Gifts will only be sought and accepted if their acceptance is consistent with the School’s objectives.
  • The School will, to the extent that is legally and practically possible, ensure that gifts are used in accordance with the donor’s wishes.
  • The School will issue written receipts or acknowledgements for all gifts.
  • The School will ensure that donors receive appropriate acknowledgement and recognition for their gifts, always taking into account the donor’s wishes.
  • If a donor wishes to remain anonymous, the School will take all reasonable steps to ensure that information about the gift and the donor is kept confidential.
  • The School encourages all donors to seek independent professional advice about the taxation status or any other legal implications of their gift or potential gift. The School will work with any such advisors to assist with the donor’s gift arrangements.
  • The School will manage the storage of information about donors and their gifts confidentially, in accordance with applicable laws and in accordance with The British School of Milan’s Privacy Policy.
  • Gifts will not be accepted if they arise in whole or in part from activity which, in the School’s opinion, may damage the reputation of the School; in particular, gifts will not be accepted from tobacco companies or businesses associated with child labour, gambling, sexual activities or animal cruelty.
  • Gifts will not be accepted if a donor indicates an expectation of any advantage as a result of making the gift, noting that the usual forms of donor recognition may be offered by the School at their discretion.
  • The School will ensure that anyone authorised to solicit a gift on its behalf will be made aware of this policy and in particular, the expectation that the person will avoid actual and apparent conflicts of interest.
  • The School reserves the right to decline a gift.