House System and Leadership

In line with the tradition of schools in the UK, the BSM Senior School has three Houses: Austen, Darwin and Drake carrying names of renowned individuals and representatives of British culture, more specifically, of literature, science and politics. Houses group together Senior School students from every year into three teams.

The teams compete in school life events such as Sports Days, Python Points and Swimming Galas, the Eisteddfod Competition (inter-curricular annual competition) and in terms of merit awards achieved by each student for academic excellence.


The Student Voice organises a Charity Scheme in which each House is assigned a charity to which they are committed until the end of each academic year. Fundraising events are divided into Houses and totals are recorded. The House which has raised the greatest amount of money for their charity by the end of the year wins a cup.


Houses are each headed by two members of the Student Council. Their role is to be available as points of reference for students, co-ordinate team events and encourage participation. Healthy competitiveness within the School  promotes a good working environment, allowing the students to achieve to their maximum potential. The students are motivated to become more involved and enthusiastic, and to take pride in their team efforts.


The Senior School Student Voice is a central part of the School community, allowing students and staff to have a clear channel of communication.

The Student Voice is present in every aspect of school life from sporting to charity events. Our main objectives are: to provide pupils with a range of activities throughout the school year, act as representatives of the student body in meetings with key staff, help with the smooth running of daily activities and raise awareness about the current issues at School.

The Student Voice includes a representative from each tutor group in the Senior School as well as the Sixth Form Student Council. There is an official meeting once every month in which all issues and proposals are discussed.

The Student Voice is also responsible for running inter-house competitions in which the three Houses (Darwin, Austen and Drake) compete in sporting, charity, drama and music events.

The Student Council, working with the Student Ambassadors, plays an important part in the efficient running of the School by organising events and carrying out duties of supervision.

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