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NFT 90s Faces Bitcoin Blockchain

Our Year 12 Scholars' Blog series continues with Marco analysing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the impact of blockchain in the Art Market. 

  • Blockchain
How Proteins Make Music

Aurora continues our series of Year 12 Scholars' Blogs by exploring the musical power of proteins

  • Music
  • Science
Taking Responsibility for Human Actions: Saving Endangered Species

Taking Responsibility for Human Actions: Saving Endangered Species: Giorgia argues that we should all be taking responsibility to save species that have been endangered mostly because of direct human impact, such as the Hawksbill Turtle

  • Ecosystem
Scholars' Blog: Factfulness

Yunchu (Year 12 Student) draws reflections on wealth, poverty, births, deaths, population growth, education, health, gender, violence, energy and the environment based on the book Factfulness by Hans Rosling.

  • Factfulness
Scholars' Blog: Persepolis

Holly explores some of the contemporary resonances of the graphic novel Persepolis.

  • Languages