Model United Nations

What is MUN?

A Model United Nations is a simulation of the procedures of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York.  Students act as delegates representing countries not their own, and present views which may or may not agree with their own. 

Issues currently before the real United Nations are debated with the same formality used in the UN commissions, and proposals are made which are in accordance with the United Nations charter.

What happens in MUN club?

Each half term MUN members decide which topic or issue they would like to debate.  Then students are allocated a country, which they will represent. They then write a resolution, or a set of proposals, that they think the members of the United Nations should adopt, and a supporting speech.  Finally one or two resolutions will be chosen, and the group will debate the issue formally.

MUN Conferences

We aim to attend two conferences a year.  Each conference is a model of the UN assemblies.  As a conference approaches we use club time to prepare country and topic research for the issues to be debated. 

At conference, students then debate following the UN procedures.  Attending conferences such as the Paris MUN, Barcelona MUN and the Milan MUN are great opportunities for BSM students to meet and interact with students from across the globe.