Educational Trips and Visits

Experiential learning is at the heart of our approach at BSM.  As such, a range of educational visits supplement and further enrich the teaching and co-curricular activities that take place.

Opportunities to take part in activities away from the familiar environments of home and school can challenge students to be independent as well as to develop their skills of enquiry, thought and communication.

At BSM, educational visits range from local day trips to month-long international expeditions.  Regular international excursions in the BSM year include those for sports tournaments (Switzerland, Austria), debate competitions, Model United Nations conferences (France, Spain) and Maths and History competitions (Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium). 

There have been World Challenge Expeditions - the most recent of which was to Vietnam and Cambodia, a trip to Croatia with Operation Wallacea, saw students collect data for Biology and Geography coursework. Theatre visits in French, Italian, Spanish and English, geographical investigations in Piacenza, Verona and Elba and Science visits to CERN and a host of other locations develop further the ideas that we learn in the classroom. 

Each educational visit is comprehensively assessed for the amount of risk involved and every care is taken to ensure student safety.