Art and Media

Art Twilight Class & Clubs

GCSE Art Twilight examination classes are held every year after school for students who are unable to follow the timetabled art programme.  Students on these courses tend to be passionate about the subject. Many of our students are awarded the highest grades at GCSE.

There are also after-school art-based clubs in both the primary and senior schools.

The School is located in a favourable position near central Milan where there is an abundance of galleries and historic landmarks to visit. School trips and gallery visits are encouraged when relevant to their work.

Media Production Club

Media Production Photography Video course

There is a Media Production Club for interested students, or those who wish to enrich their studio work. Students will embark in video and content production projects using different types of media equipment. The club will explore three stages of content production: pre-production, production and post-production. The assignments may vary from interviews and documentaries to creative productions.


Digital Advertising Strategies

Students will explore the world of digital media through their own branding and advertising project. They will need to come up with an idea for a brand that they would like to advertise online, whether that be personal branding, creating a new product or using an existing one, and will create a benchmark as a base for their social media and advertising strategy. They will explore how to create advertisements via Google Ads and learn the basics of Search Engine Optimisation. Overall students will understand the strategy for a coherent and targeted word cloud to tie together the digital ecosystem.