There is more to school life than what goes on in the classroom.

Just as we celebrate the academic successes of our students, so too we encourage them all to participate actively in the co-curricular programme. This is an integral part of every child’s learning experience at the BSM and is essential to the balanced development of each individual. We offer a diverse array of activities that provide opportunities for a range of learning experiences including music, art, drama and sport. We hope there is something for everyone.

The School has a rich and varied co-curricular programme.

Pupils from the Primary and Senior Schools benefit from an outstanding range of co-curricular activities during the school day, after-school, at weekends and in some holiday periods.

Lunchtime Co-Curricular Activities

 After-school Co-Curricular Activities 

The co-curriculum also embraces areas such as additional languages, debate and subject-related activities.  We encourage students to try new skills or develop further their interests through a wide range of activities.

Through the ‘everyONE’ initiative our aim as a school is to offer co-curriculum opportunities to every Year Group, so that every pupil participates in at least one co-curricular activity each academic year.

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