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The Proust Questionnaire and Our Many Selves
Chris Greenhalgh

The Principal looks at the Proust questionnaire - designed to reveal one's true self - and explores whether there is such a thing as a true self, and whether the present moment is one to liberate our own and our children's multiple selves.

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Three Puddles, Two Revelations, and One Big Splash
Chris Greenhalgh

The Principal explores how the recent crisis yields a revelation just as a puddle led to a revelation for George Orwell, and considers how both allow us to envision a better future for our students.

  • Coronavirus
  • Covid19
  • George Orwell
  • Revelation
Creative Responses to the Plague
Valentina Baez Rizzi

The Principal addresses responses to the current crisis, identifies 12 ways of keeping happy, and considers what the future holds.

  • Creative Responses
  • Current Crisis
  • Keeping Happy
Coffee, Community and the Overview Effect
Chris Greenhalgh

The Principal reflects on the sense of community in the school, finds an emblem for it in coffee, and talks about the need for the community to be even stronger since the virus outbreak and the closure of cafés.

  • Coffee
  • Community
  • Coronavirus
Candles, Spitting, and Absolute Darkness
Chris Greenhalgh

The Principal shares three key childhood memories, and reveals how they shed the light on the current situation.

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Top 10 Study Skills for Students (and Parents)
Chris Greenhalgh

The Principal identifies 10 essential study skills for students, and advises how parents can help their children learn at home, this week in particular.

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Work, Play, and Human Nature
Chris Greenhalgh

The Principal this week explains why play is part of human nature, and how we can harness that instinct to make learning more fun as well as more effective.

  • Creative
  • Instinct
  • Learning
Coffee, Street Names and the Flavour of Brexit
Chris Greenhalgh

With Brexit imminent, the Principal ponders what it means to be British and European, and how differences in coffee and street names should not obscure the shared cultural values of the EU and UK. 

  • Brexit
  • Europe
  • UK
12 Trends in University Applications
Chris Greenhalgh

With the university application process about to start for Year 12 students, the Principal identifies recent trends in the sector, and explains why our students are well-placed to succeed.

  • Trends
  • University
  • University Applications
The Female Century, Lee Miller, and a Photograph in Hitler’s Tub
Chris Greenhalgh

In this week’s Blog, the Principal looks at the life and work of Lee Miller, celebrated photographer, as an example of how young female students can be inspired to pursue their ambitions in what promises to be the female century.

  • Female Century
  • Lee Miller
  • Photographer
50 Best Films - Last 20 Years
Chris Greenhalgh

In the final round-up of his top 50 films, the Principal selects his 10 best movies from the last 20 years. 

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