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The Pursuit of Happiness
Chris Greenhalgh

The Principal identifies the greatest sentence ever written, examines its meaning, and explores its resonance today, when well-being among young people is an increasing cause of concern. 

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The Mulberry Tree, Silkworms and the History of the School
Chris Greenhalgh

The Principal identifies the mulberry as his favourite tree, considers its place in literature and culture, and finds a metaphor for education in the way, properly cultivated, mulberry trees can yield the finest silk.  

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High Walls, Leaps of Faith, and Students Taking Risks
Chris Greenhalgh

This week the Principal addresses the question of whether it is ever right to allow pupils to fail, and explores how students might be encouraged to take intellectual risks.

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Rules, Right and Wrong, and Raising Children
Chris Greenhalgh

This week the Principal considers the function of rules generally in society and specifically in schools, arguing that to be ‘well-educated’ involves not just academic success but an understanding of the difference between right and wrong.

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La Cabina, Philip Roth and What to Do with Mobile Phones
Chris Greenhalgh

The Principal considers the changing nature of the telephone, by way of film and literature, and how mobile phones can be a marvellous learning tool but also an addictive distraction.

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