Supporting Primary Students

Supporting Primary Students to Achieve their Best 

At the BSM we measure attainment and progress to gain a clear understanding of how well our pupils are doing.  

This is done primarily through ongoing teacher assessment, which includes a set of ‘checkpoints’ at regular intervals during the school year. This allows us to reflect on pupils learning and to evidence that every pupil is on track.   

During these checkpoints we can pinpoint the knowledge, skills and understanding individual pupils have already achieved. We then use this information to make a clear plan to teach the skills individuals need to further develop. This may involve providing a programme of further stretch and challenge, or of revision and support.  

We have a variety of tools which enable us to achieve this: 

  • Ongoing teacher assessment collected daily and analysed in summary at 6 key points in the year 

  • Pupil Progress Meetings –meetings to discuss the progress, attainment, and wellbeing of every individual pupil in Primary School 

  • Pupil performance in the Cambridge Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring assessments 

  • Standardising of pupil writing against an international database

  • Attitudes quizzes and pupil feedback 

  • Intervention teaching set up for small groups to provide extra help and support as required, based on the outcomes of the Pupil Progress Meeting and the combined assessments 

The overarching purpose is to ensure that all aspects of provision are as effective as they can possibly be to maximise pupil progress throughout school. This approach enables us to clearly tie our assessments to their purpose, which is to provide the best outcomes for pupils. 



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