Progress and Reporting

Assessment should

  • Identify what children know and what they need to learn next
  • Inform planning (school/ class/ group/ individual), target setting, information for parents and governors, class organisation
  • Measure individual/ group progress
  • Evaluate effectiveness of teaching methods/ interventions
  • Motivate teachers and pupils.

BSM pupils

  • Have different cultural experiences, expectations and needs
  • Perform differently according to the context of the learning
  • Must understand their learning successes and areas for improvement
  • Require regular feedback which constructively supports their continued learning.

BSM teachers

  • Motivate pupils to realise their ambitions 
  • Provide a variety of teaching and learning approaches
  • Differentiate learning depending on children’s needs
  • Provide a wide variety of assessment opportunities (written, oral, peer, self, etc.)
  • Reference National Curriculum, and EYFS in their tracking
  • Regularly mark children’s work, using the PS marking policy.

Assessment practice

  1. PS assessment is referenced against the National Curriculum for England and Wales and EYFS
  2. Feedback to children should be prompt and supportive, with clear and specific goals for improvements and explanations on how to achieve this
  3. Teachers should keep tracking documents up to date on Frog Progress
  4. Reward good work using school systems
  5. Classwork and homework is assessed with both written and verbal feedback in line with the school’s marking policy


Parent Evenings are held termly for all year groups. Each year group receives 3 written reports during the course of the academic year. These record Attainment, Attitude to Learning and Targets.

Home learning (homework)

Homework timetables for each year group is provided by the class teacher. These timetables are shared with parents through the child’s homework diary. The amount and nature of the homework with be dependent on the child’s age and ability. Comments on the completion of homework can be made by the teacher and parent in the homework diary.

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