Structure of School Day

Time Activity
08.45 Children are greeted in class lines in the playground before going inside where they organise their own belongings.
09.00 Specialist and planned in class sessions
10.20 Children eat their snack in classroom
10.40 Children go outside for outdoor activities
11.20 Phonics Session
11.50 Lunch is served in the classroom
12.20 Free activity time with Classroom Assistant
13.20 Children go outside for outdoor activities
14.20 Indoor or outdoor activities depending on planning
14.45 End of day story or game
15.10 Children prepare for home
15.20 Siblings Club after school activity - if children have an older sibling in a club

A Day in the Life of the Foundation Stage:

8.45 - We arrive at school full of energy and begin every day with our ‘Good Morning’ song. Singing together is a great way to start the day!

8.50 - As we enter the school, we organise our belongings, hanging our coats and bags on our pegs, taking out our drinks bottles and snacks and any other items we might have such as our PE kits on PE days.

On entering the classroom we take our name from the door and pop it in the designated area in the classroom. Self-Registration helps us to transition into the school day. We gather together on the carpet to take the register and talk about the day ahead. All classrooms in EYFS have a visual timetable and calendar and the children take responsibility for altering this each day.

9.00 – Activity Time

Throughout the day the children will perform a variety of planned activities linked to the seven areas of the EYFS curriculum as well as having access to our Continuous Provision activities (those on offer without guidance from an adult). We also have specialist sessions such as Library, PE and Music as well as Phonics and Guided Reading. A typical day will involve at least one specialist session and a Phonics or Guided Reading session.

10.20 – Snack Time – Nursery children eat their snack in the classrooms. Reception Children eat theirs outside.

10.40 – Nursery Outdoor Activities, Reception Activity Time

We very much make the most of the outdoors at BSM and are lucky to have a designated outdoor space solely for the EYFS. We timetable this throughout the week to allow all children to access the space. We have equipment that is designed to build and develop the children’s physical strength as well as improve coordination and control.

In the EYFS we have the saying that ‘there is no bad weather only bad clothing’. We frequently teach in the outdoor environment and carry out activities linked to all seven areas of the curriculum no matter what the weather. We also use a ‘Forest School’ approach to teach the children about nature and the environment and how to work in harmony with it.

11.50 – Lunch is served in the classrooms. Children may choose to partake in the schools catering service or bring in a packed lunch from home. They are encouraged to set the tables themselves and help each other with tricky tasks such as opening packets and cartons. We encourage the children to be as independent as possible in school and all children feed themselves without assistance.

12.20 – Reception children take their lunch hour outside whilst Nursery children continue daily activities.

13.20 – Reception children return inside to carry out activities and Nursery venture out once more. Twice a week Reception children will join Nursery outside at this time to have a shared play time. This allows the older children to lead the learning and demonstrate their understanding for the younger children.

14.20 – Nursery return indoors to complete a final activity.

14.50 – All children have a story time at the end of each day. This is a lovely calm way to regroup and finish the day as a class.

15.10 – Children prepare their belongings for home time, packing their bags, putting on their coats and saying goodbye to their friends.

15.20 – Children are dismissed to their parents.

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