The Brexit situation is one that concerns British citizens in Italy. 

Whatever the outcome of Brexit, we are optimistic on several fronts. 

We enjoy excellent links with: 

  • the British Ambassador, Jill Morris
  • the British Consul General in Milan is a member of our Board, and 
  • we are members of the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy (BCCI). 

These personal and professional relationships mean that we are very well advised. 

Happily the qualifications our students pursue - IGCSE and IB - have an international currency valid beyond the UK. And fees for UK universities are guaranteed to remain at the present level for current Year 13 students, even in a no-deal scenario. 

British education will of course continue to be a prized asset across the world. 

Finally, and crucially, we remain able to recruit outstanding UK-trained staff, attracted by a school rated 'excellent' by Inspectors.

For more information regarding how the UK leaving the EU could affect you, check: