Brexit concerns British citizens in Italy. 

We feel we have already adapted well to the conditions.

We enjoy excellent links with: 

  • the British Ambassador
  • the British Consul General in Milan is a member of our Board, and 
  • we are members of the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy (BCCI). 

These personal and professional relationships mean that we are very well advised, especially in expediting visas.

Happily the qualifications our students pursue - IGCSE and IB - have an international currency valid beyond the UK.

British education will of course continue to be a prized asset across the world, with fluency in English an essential requirement for global business success.

Finally, and crucially, we remain able to recruit outstanding UK-trained staff, attracted by a school endorsed by UK Government Inspectors.

For more information regarding how the UK leaving the EU could affect you, check:

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