Student Voices

Parent Voices

Our parents have given some testimonials on their experience of the school:

'The staff are really warm and kids are very happy in this school. Excellent teaching and a very good involvement of parents and friends. The best English school in Milan.'

'Though my children have been at the BSM for just the final term, they feel welcomed as if they had been in the school since the start of the year. The children always look forward to the next day of school activities.' 

'We are absolutely happy with the progress of our son at the BSM. He has easily settled, after a very short period of time he was calling other children 'friends'. That was amazing! I think this is the best international school in Milan. I strongly recommend it!'

'Proactive, kind and open-minded leaders with supportive staff and teachers.'

'The BSM offers a stimulating and challenging environment, where children are taught about being great individuals in a group setting. Teachers are always available and ready to share tips and suggestions to follow at home.' 

'A safe place where children are taught first "to stand up straight and walk alone" ... and then over the years... to fly far away! Thanks BSM.' 

'Very welcoming environment for children and their families. Children's well-being is taken very seriously and the children are extremely happy.'   

'A very good school, really comparable to the best schools in London. My son has not been stressed at all about his education following the transfer from London to Milan.' 

'The British School of Milan is for parents who search for an educational environment for their children where content and depth of education has more value than appearance, glamour and showing-off.'       

'The BSM offers a high quality of teaching - teachers are highly qualified. This is the great difference from other British/International schools in Milan.'   

'The School is very well managed and students are well taken care of. Academically challenging, yet in a very supportive environment. Strongly recommended to both local and international families.'

'The BSM is an ally - their support goes beyond an academic journey.' 

The School provides high-standard British education outside the UK.'

'We are very happy with the school environment and nice teachers, who show kindness and patience.' 

'It is an excellent School!' 

'When your child never asks once to stay home from school, it is the proof that you have made the best choice! '       

'A key asset of the School is the ease with which children fit in. Our kids were very happy and the other boys and girls were welcoming and friendly.' 

'Kids are taught the importance of kindness and discipline.'  

'The school provides a comprehensive and well-rounded environment for students.  The school is not just focused on the present but also the future of its students, with a number of career-oriented events, fairs and discussions. We have come to appreciate the pedagogy adopted by the school and are very happy with the way our son is shaping up.'     

'The British School with a personal touch.'   

''Having a 4 year-old complaining at the weekend because the school is closed is the best proof that what the BSM is doing is outstanding. On our side, we see our son as more mature, independent and willing to socialise and learn with and from others.'    

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Our students have given some testimonials on their experience of the school: 


'In this school learning = fun.' (Year 3)

'I love this school because I am a creative boy and here we do many creative things like - Design Technology, Art and Drama.' (Year 6)


'I love how the school opens up new opportunities like learning another language or going to the Senior School Science Labs to grow bacteria or use a Bunsen burner - it creates a big community feeling.' (Year 7)

'This is the best school in the World! (Year 4)


'Everybody has been really nice to me. I found it very easy to fit in.' (Year 7)

'The range of clubs is fantastic. I can try everything from orchestra to canoeing.' (Year 9)


'We are encouraged to question and come up with our own views.' (Year 13)

'BSM provides not only the knowledge but the skills you need to prepare for the future.'
(Year 12)


'Excellent university guidance (including locations outside of the UK) ensures we are ready for the next step.' (Year 13)

'Some people may think the word learning means only to do class work, but I disagree. Learning is not only knowing your times-tables but also knowing how to work and play with people from other nationalities. That's why I love this school - there are so many people from different places - my best friends are from America and I'm from London.' (Year 8)


'The BSM has changed my life, I made friends, improved my work and most of all it provided a friendly and welcoming environment.' (Year 9)

'There are over 100 after-school clubs like baking, trampolining, Chinese and many other exciting activities.' (Year 11)


'I really enjoy this school because every day I learn new and interesting things with the help of excellent teachers.' (Year 6)

'I like the atmosphere: the teachers, students - and the playground! '(Year 2)


'Teachers support me to make sure that I can do my best - even though I need more help than others.' (Year 10)

'Staff at BSM really care about the individual.' (Year 13)


'It's special. It's a family.' (Recent Alumnus)

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A Student's View

'I really enjoy this school because every day I learn new and interesting things with the help of excellent teachers.' (Year 6 Pupil)