Welcome Group





'A very good school, really comparable to the best schools in London. My son has not been stressed at all about his education following the transfer from London to Milan.'   - BSM Parent 

The Welcome Group was formed to provide advice and support for new families at the British School of Milan, Sir James Henderson, and in particular for families who have just moved to Milan.

The Group works closely with the Admissions Department and the Class or Year Group Representatives to assist new parents, especially those that join during the school year.

The Welcome Group is a group of parents of diverse nationalities from different areas of Milan (Milan 2, city centre etc...) and they are able to help answer any questions new parents may have about living in Milan. They also hold regular coffee mornings and help new parents network and meet other families that live nearby, share interests or needs, or even nationality!

The Welcome Group assists the school by organizing and attending a coffee morning the day before the start of the Autumn Term to welcome all new parents and students to the School. This is a chance for everyone to “break the ice” before school begins, and for parents and students alike to meet existing parents and students. Tours are also organized so that students know where to go on the first day of the new term.

All new parents are given a booklet prepared by the Welcome Group which gives useful information on how to get settled in Milan. The booklet has practical advice on getting around town, shopping or obtaining services (official documents, utilities, residency, health services, sports facilities etc). The most recent edition can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Milan Survival Handbook

Members of the Welcome Group are listed on the password protected Friends Group contact page and can be contacted directly at friends.welcomegroup@bsm.school.