Inspection Report

In the most recent inspection report, of November 2017 by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, the school received the highest possible rating of 'Excellent' in each of the key judgements.

In addition the school was declared fully compliant, meeting 'all the standards for British Schools Overseas, with no further action required'.

As well as regulatory compliance, Inspections now comprise only two key judgements:
  • The quality of pupils' learning and achievement - BSM rated 'Excellent' (the highest possible grading) 
  • The quality of pupils' personal development - BSM rated 'Excellent' (the highest possible grading)​

Quotations from UK Government Inspectors

On Academic Progress
  • 'Pupils make 'excellent progress' in the Primary School.'
  • 'There are 'very high standards in all areas of the IB'.'
  • 'There are 'excellent' approaches to learning across all ages.'
  • 'Outcomes are 'excellent'.'
  • 'Exam results at IB and IGCSE are 'at levels above those for pupils with similar abilities in the UK'.'
  • 'Pupils achieve 'about one or two grades higher in each subject than those predicted from benchmarked data'.'
On Progress and Values
  • 'Pupils for whom English is not their first language make rapid progress.'
  • 'Pupils' behaviour is excellent.'
  • 'Without exception, pupils related how smoothly they had been integrated into school life on arrival.'
  • 'The school's values thread behaviour and attitudes together, and secure the shared common purpose that is so apparent.'
Other Key Quotations
  • 'The quality of art is 'exceptional.'
  • 'There is a 'cohesive and structured co-curricular programme.'
  • 'There exists a 'cohesive and transparent relationship between Board and executive leadership'.'
Rated ‘Excellent’ by UK Government Inspectors
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