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50th Anniversary Year
Awarded the Highest Rating of 'Excellent' by UK Government Inspectors
Outstanding IB & IGCSE Results
International Entry to Top Universities
World Class Teaching and Learning
UK Trained and Qualified Staff
107 After-School Activities
Students From Over 40 Countries
Creating Leaders
The Only Not-For-Profit British School in Milan
Inspiring Creativity
50 Years of Learning Together
16 July 2018
'Five Reasons to Live in Milan, Italy' 
6 May 2017
Morgane, 18 anni e tanti progetti con Obama sul palco della Fiera
12 July 2017
Studenti all’estero, Alice e gli altri: «Noi che andiamo nelle università top (e magari torniamo)»
1 July 2018
L’altra maturità 2018: storie di ragazzi che hanno fatto l’IB: così impariamo a capire il mondo